Steel pan tribute to seniors in Belvedere

Steel pan tribute to  seniors in Belvedere

The musical tribute paid by members of Isidore York Steel Pan Orchestra was well-received by the elderly residents of Belvedere.

BELVEDERE--On the occasion of International Day of Older Persons 2021, last Friday, St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF) paid a musical tribute to its senior tenants at the Red Cross Seniors Home in Belvedere.


  The tribute was performed by two talented musicians of the Isidore York Steel Pan Orchestra. SMHDF staff read poetry and each senior received a surprise treat.

  “It was our distinct honour and pleasure to recognise the senior treasures in our properties and our communities in St. Maarten, for the abundance of life experience that they have lived and can share with all of us,” said SMHDF General Director Helen Salomons. “Seniors have taught us how to embrace change and how to take on life’s many challenges head-on and without complaint.”


SMHDF General Director Helen Salomons addressed seniors at the Red Cross Seniors Home in Belvedere on Friday.

Quite a number of elderly persons are residing as independent tenants at the Red Cross residences in Belvedere, where they enjoy the company of other seniors in a safe environment.

  “We are all humbled and cognisant of the fact that our seniors still have a strong contribution to make in our society. This is why we will always treat them with infinite respect today and every day, but especially on International Day of Older Persons,” Salomons said.

  She thanked her staff at SMHDF for enthusiastically volunteering to mark International Day for Older Persons in such a special way for a special group of senior citizens.