This is what happens

This is what happens

Another day of “load-shedding” by utilities provider GEBE (see related story) led to some irritation in the community, considering similar issues in the recent past. Homes, but also local schools and businesses were again affected, with some asking when this seemingly recurring nightmare will finally end.

Although the government-owned company announced the widespread power cuts of an hour to 90 minutes via its social media, these still surprised and inconvenienced many. Granted, the situation could have been worse especially for Philipsburg merchants with no cruise ships in port, but potential earnings were nevertheless undoubtedly lost.

However, this time the problem cannot be blamed on perceived lack of maintenance or faulty planning. It was caused by rodents eating through electricity cables at a substation.

This not only sparked a short-circuit and explosion, but reportedly damaged one of the company’s engines. The latter apparently means continued outages the rest of this week pending repairs.

GEBE using rats as excuse for power cuts was once a running joke in the country and even the theme of a carnival calypso song. However, if one sees how much damage they really can inflict it no longer becomes a laughing matter.

What makes this case particularly aggravating is that dumping trash in the area is believed to have attracted the vermin in the first place. Those who do so are thus chiefly responsible.

When people don’t care for, but pollute the very environment they live in, this is what happens.

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