Part of the problem

Part of the problem

The issue of fights at and around schools (see related story) is both vexing and persistent. The most recent one occurred in the South Reward area late Thursday morning with the alleged brandishing of a knife.

As has become customary, video taken of the incident while bystanders cheered was shared online. That is a double-edged sword, because while it may help identify the culprits and see – rather than just hear – what happened, the practice promotes violent behaviour.

Authorities warned that aiding someone else doing the fighting constitutes complicity. What’s more, getting in trouble with the law can seriously hurt students’ prospects of furthering their education and/or landing a job.

Although the latter might not overly impress most youngsters much – as least yet – parents should certainly take note. The future of their teenager could already be at greater risk than they realise.

The fact that many schools are concentrated in the Saunders/St. Peters/South Reward area doesn’t help. However, that’s water under the proverbial bridge by now.

Police will in any case continuously patrol the densely populated area. Nevertheless, they simply cannot be everywhere at the same time, no matter how much they try. Other adults, including teachers, security guards, bus drivers, etc., also have a preventive responsibility.

Ensuring safe environments in what should be places of learning is already hard enough. Doing so outside the gates becomes practically a mission impossible without a collective effort involving the entire community.

There is no quick-fix solution, but try not to be part of the problem.

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