Embracing the opportunity at hand

Embracing the opportunity at hand


Throughout our lives, opportunities – both small and great – will knock at our door. A common struggle we all grapple with, however, is the issue of what to do when an opportunity presents itself: Do we take it or leave it? Let’s say we’re looking and praying for a new job – sending out applications whenever we hear there’s a suitable opening. Do we take advantage of the first opportunity that comes at us and grab it? Or do we pass it up and hope for something better to come along? The thing about opportunities is that each one is different; each finds us at a different place along our journey through this life; each comes with its own unique properties; each has its own demands. But when it’s all said and done, opportunities are opportunities and, as such, we can either welcome them or wave them away.

Some opportunities come in answer to our prayers, while others steal their way onto our doorstep so quietly and so subtly that they’re almost gone before it dawns on us that they are knocking. Sometimes, all it takes to be the right candidate for an opportunity is to be in the right place, at the right time. And still, so many of us have yet to experience the thrill of throwing caution to the wind when that once in a lifetime opportunity knocks! We are so afraid, so cautious, so inhibited! The job, the mate, the house, the business, the partnership, the break, the assignment, the friend, the ministry, the deal – the thing we’ve been praying our whole lives for shows up and instead of going for it, we retreat into the safety of our familiar surroundings where we feel comfortable and sheltered; afraid to take a risk, afraid to navigate through uncharted waters, afraid to let go of the known to face the unknown, overthinking our way through each possibility.

But we will never reach our full potential and be successful if we do not make the most of the opportunities that come our way. God has not given us a cowardly spirit, but a spirit of power, love and good judgment. When we acknowledge Him as Lord, and entrust our desires to Him, we must believe that He knows the path that lies ahead of us. He will never lead the one who truly seeks Him astray. That is why we can relax and enjoy life’s journey. God knows just the opportunities we need, and He knows the perfect time to send them. Opportunities are our chances to learn and grow and stretch and experience life more fully; opportunities give life to our dreams and purpose to our plans; opportunities mean more possibilities to become all that we were meant to be. So when our physical strength, natural giftedness and good brains fail to give us the edge we need, and God intervenes by sending us the opportunity of a lifetime, we should step out in faith, trust God and embrace whatever opportunity He sends our way.

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