Through Cam's Lens: Flying Home to You

Through Cam's Lens: Flying Home to You

“My eyes are getting weary,

My back is getting tight,

I'm sitting here in traffic,

On the Queensborough bridge tonight.


But I don't care, 'cause all I wanna do

Is cash my check and drive right home to you.

'Cause, baby, all my life I will be driving home to you.”

Clearly, I am a fan of “The King of Queens” – also, if you don’t know what “The King of Queens is” or if you didn’t sing the song as recommended by the theme song, then you should go lick cactus (hopefully, that wasn’t overkill).

I’m probably over the Atlantic right now fast asleep, as the flight attendant walks past me with the cart of cookies and soda. “Miss, are you really not going to wake me up?” Hopefully, one of my sisters is grabbing some snacks for me. (I was really confused as to if I should use “is” or “are” there – Mrs. Van Putten, Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Lucas would be so disappointed).

Coming back home after two weeks away is definitely going to feel a little weird: From passenger seats and trains, to driving myself again – the ghetto. Plus, I heard it’s stupid hot back home: Why am I leaving this beautiful fall weather?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent time with my NYC family and friends, I’ve been to malls and arcades, I’ve eaten some very interesting foods and I even did a little bit of filming.

Man, I spent a lot of money, though. Even though most of it was budget, I’d still look at the price on the register like Mr. Crabs – like, do you guys have discounts? It’s vacation, though. I have no idea when I’ll get to travel again, so I had to make the most of the trip.

The highlight of the trip had to be my niece’s wedding! It was interesting being part photographer, part videographer, and part guest. Having to take pictures but also be in them. Could you imagine the struggle? And I didn’t have a tripod – I only had one camera.


I arrived in New York the Thursday, and brought one of my camera bodies and a lens (my main lens) to clean the next day – an entire week before the wedding. Tell me why I only picked up my camera this Tuesday! Tell me why the lens won’t be ready until next week! If I had had only one camera, I would have been so screwed! Now I have to have my friend ShaTerrica pick up the lens for me next week and ship it down via FedEx – more money spending – Lol...but it’s all good; it’s all business expenses, though.

Yow! Let me tell you about this weight gain…Lol. I’m really not the type of person who works out at home. It just isn’t my jam. I need weights and space and people. So you know the last two weeks your boy hasn’t been doing anything. I mean, you walk a lot once you’re in the city, but definitely not enough to counteract all the junk that I consumed. Bayyyyybeeee!!

Catch me in three weeks, though. I’ll be fine...Lol.

Y’all booking any photoshoots, though?

*Yo, Siri, play “Baby, all my life, I will be driving home to you” by Billy Vera*