Through Cam's Lens: Coming back to you

“I been shadowboxing your nightmares left and right

Showing up to the battlefield, no one to fight

Keep believing the smoke will clear and the bombs will subside.”

It’s been super hectic since I’ve been back.

While I was away, I tried to do as much work as I could, but the environment that I was in wasn’t particularly the best for that: Family passing back and forth cracking jokes; the adventures to the mall and to the city; or just the availability of rest and relaxation, honestly. Needless to say, I came back to a small backlog of work.

I got back into office on Monday and it’s just been an onslaught of editing. Not to mention that I had a shoot the day I got back – from airport to studio. I also had another shoot and a few meetings over the weekend. So your boy has just been on a go!

It’s a slow process sometimes, too, getting back into the groove. That’s not something that clients want to hear…lol; but it’s a reality that I face. After stepping away from the motion – and transitioning back to my computer from my laptop; something as small as finger placements, button positions, or the size of the screen can throw me off rhythm.


Getting back to the work scene, I have a meeting today with Peter Sagnia. He’s one of the best filmmakers on the island; and as an aspiring filmmaker myself, he’s the go-to guy. I’m working on some documentary styled projects that I need his insight on. I believe I have all the pieces necessary to put a pretty good film together, but I’m a little lost on where the pieces should go.

This project is something I’m really attached to. I’m hoping that once it’s done, I can have a screening at the movies or something. It’s not like a feature film; it’s probably going to be about 25 minutes MAX! However, if I can make a COVID-safe event out of it, let’s go!

I get really nervous or anxious when I have to share pieces of work that I’m really invested in. It’s literally like I’m giving you a piece of me to hold on to, and I’m afraid that it may fall or something. But I’m learning and putting practices into place to be less fearful.

I’ve also been back at it in the gym and at football. Determined to knock off the weight and the little belly I developed during the few weeks of vacation. I think I gained about six pounds. Phew! I’m naturally a “chubby” person, so the moment I stop working out, my body tends to lean in that direction… LOL...oh no you’re not…

Been in the gym the last three days and played football twice as well. I need to get back to kickboxing – so next week for that. Can’t run myself too dry; or is it spreading myself too thin?


*Yo, Siri, play Far Away by Yebba featuring A$AP Rocky*