Through Cam's Lens: Communication

Through Cam's Lens: Communication

“This hit, that ice cold

Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold

This one for them hood girls

Them good girls, straight masterpieces”

So I like to let these pieces come to me – nothing forced – just because I have to do. I prefer the content to be good and to roll off my fingertips into notes.

Today’s topic was on my mind a few days before, but it kind of got confirmed on Tuesday night when I received a text. It’s not really going to be a rant, but more so an expression of an observation.

Between these articles, my videos on Facebook and living in my head, it gets hard to remember what I said where; so if you’ve heard me say this before, oh well...

Someone hit me up on Tuesday night to ask me how I was doing. If it was a random person, I’d just say the typical, “I’m doing pretty good and you?” However, I know that this person legit cares how I’m doing so I told them that I was “managing”. They said they can see that. They can see that I’m doing better now versus a few weeks ago. That meant a lot.

I’m not just out here doing things for people to notice the differences in me. I also don’t need for others to see it for me to know that it’s happening, but it’s nice and reassuring when they do – especially if it’s someone you consider a friend or someone that you’re closer to. I feel like you should be able to at least tell when your people’s vibes are off.

I’ve had a spat with two people relatively recently who are supposed to “know me well”. Side note, it seems like getting into spats are my thing now, lol. Like what is going on in this place? LOL!


So during these spats, these persons basically called me stagnant. They don’t see any changes in me. I’m that same nig... person I always was. And I’m over here like, ahhhhh! Well go suuuc...cessfully fly a kite. *Insert smiling emoji that Claire hates.*

I, Cameron A. Hyman, hate when people tell me who I am. And I know they can’t define who I am, but I still hate when they try to tell me. If someone hits me with “I feel like you’ve been stagnant the last year”, that’s cool. It’s your interpretation of things and we can discuss it. BUT, when you come with: “You’ve been stagnant the last year”; hold up! Wait a minute…


Let me pull it back.

Calm now...

I think we just need to understand people better, and not look at them from where we think they should be or how fast we think they should be going. I can totally get why someone on the outside of me may not have been able to see my growth or change, but that’s not a good enough reason to just assume that I haven’t.

I think we’ve lost the ability to listen to hear and the ability to see things and understand. It’s become a place where my interpretation of you is more important than your truth –and that’s not a place I like to reside.

Please and thanks.

*Yo, Siri, play Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars*