Through Cam's Lens: Getting

Through Cam's Lens: Getting

“I've been here all night (Ariana)

I've been here all day (Nicki Minaj)

And girl, got me walkin' side to side (Let them girls know)”

Been busy. Real busy.

I might have gotten a total of 10 hours of sleep during that four-day weekend – if that much. On Friday, I was in the studio watching a movie and editing when a client called needing a video shot within 90 minutes or so. That turned into a five-hour long shooting day, which led to an all-nighter as they needed the video for Saturday.

I also had a five-hour long shoot that started at 6:00am on Saturday for a project I’m working on with Stacy. (Hi Stacy!) I left that gig and went straight to The Box to train with Claire – running on fumes at this point; but eh. We ordered lunch and ate it at The Box, but I ended up having to leave to take care of an “emergency” client at the studio.

From the studio, I had to head to Sonesta for an hour to cover an assignment for Just Creative. (Hi Boss! Hi Janique!) That was fun. It involved some photography, a little videography and a really amazing sunset.

When I left there, I stopped at Captain D’s for food because man was famished, bruv.

Ended up spending the next two hours and a half at a baby shower – and that’s pretty much how I ended the night. I don’t even remember if I stopped by the studio or not, it was such a long weekend.

Sunday morning at 6:00, I assisted Charlie on an Easter Egg Hunt. She just needed me to help corral the little kids as we walked up a mountain – yes, a mountain. Usually, I don’t get out of bed that early for anything outside of photography, but I guess I’m a sucker for the kids.

I got home after 9:00am from the hunt, and my phone rang – they needed me on the next boat to Pinel to assist on that project I’m working on with Stacy. So I grabbed my bag, and I was back out the door. From there, I went to Loterie Farm to shoot a 16th birthday party for three hours. I went back to the studio from there and stayed into the night editing and recording my video for Yuh Mom.

Monday was pretty much spent in studio on some really chill vibes – a lot of editing and a lot of music.

It was QUITE an eventful couple of days, and this week is following the same trend – but I’m built for it.

Here you have a quick update on all things me.

*Yo, Siri, play Side to Side by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj*