Through Cam's Lens: Bike Life

Through Cam's Lens: Bike Life

“Stuntin' all on my old girls, styling all on my haters

Presidential is rose gold, say it's time to get paper

Glock 10 with that laser, mess around meet yo maker

Everyone got me pissin', mess around with them papers”

Late, as usual, but Charlie loves me enough to let me get away with murder – the expression, not in reality – LOL.

A few weeks ago, a video of a local motorcyclist performing stunts on the public road surfaced on Facebook. The motorcyclist had been deemed all sorts of things and was now a “person of interest” for the authorities. Elvis and I decided to do an interview with this individual to hear his side of the story.

Before we could get this documentary out or even drop a preview, another article was posted on Facebook: “Reckless motorcyclist, identified as ‘Zazz’, ordered to report…” There were a few things I did not like in this article.

“The man identified as ‘Zazz’, a French side resident, is ordered by police to report to the Police Station in Philipsburg to pay his fine, or risk arrest on sight if spotted by the Police Force Sint Maarten KPSM.”

Fine. There’s a fine because he broke some sort of traffic law. However, how many of you have witnessed traffic laws being broken by other persons, in other vehicles that share the public road? Cyclists, cars, BUSES! I have even posted videos and seen videos of other persons, in other motor vehicles doing things that go against traffic laws – on a regular. Where is the pursuit of these individuals? Isn’t fair, fair?

“Road safety is paramount to save and safeguard lives. Riding without consideration for other road users should not become the norm.”

Trust me, I’ve seen these types of stunts first-hand. They look crazy to someone who doesn’t and can’t do it. But who’s to say that these bikers don’t have consideration? Do you think they want to be a nuisance? Do you think they want to injure anyone? Do you think they want to be injured? Granted, anything could happen – a freak accident, a pothole, anything. But, who’s to say that these bikers don’t have consideration?

“Therefore, KPSM thanks members of the community who are vigilant and who report infractions. KPSM together with good residents aim to keep the community safe.”

This was the pissed-off point for me. KPSM together with good residents aim to keep the community safe. Good residents? So these guys are… bad? Based on what? Based on what narrative? Based on WHOSE narrative? I feel like we’ve painted a picture of these bikers for such a long time, that it’s no longer possible to see them as anything but thugs. Good residents…

I feel like I almost get into an accident EVERY DAY with other drivers on the road being crazy; being reckless! Do you know how dangerous not using an indicator is – when the person behind you is anticipating one thing and you do something completely different?

I’m not defending anyone either; don’t get it twisted. But I do want us to be fair in our approach to every situation.

Fair and objective.

*Yo, Siri, play Flexin On Em by Meek Mill*