The end of Try January

The end of Try January

By Heineken 0.0

Try January (Dry January) comes to an end, but there are still many activities to try!

January is almost ended, and we’re ecstatic that we could have inspired you by sharing activities that created new experiences, built healthier habits and formed new friendships. While “Try January” is almost over, we hope you continue to explore our island and keep this attitude of trying new things for the rest of the year. Whatever you choose to do, Heineken 0.0 can help you stay on your path of being active, sociable, and health conscious.

More activities to try:

#TryJanuary Activity 11: Watch the yachts go by at St. Maarten Yacht Club

Located in Simpson Bay, St. Maarten Yacht Club (SMYC) is THE place to go to get the closest look at yachts, mega yachts and sailboats as they slide through the Simpson Bay bridge.

SMYC is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and their friendly staff and great food never disappoint, no matter what day of the week.

Check out their Facebook page @ Sint Maarten Yacht Club Bar & Restaurant for scheduled for live music, pub quizzes and more!

You will most definitely appreciate this paradise island spot with their unique atmosphere. Ask for a Heineken 0.0 to accompany your activity of choice!

#TryJanuary Activity 12: Fort Amsterdam Viewpoint

Located near Philipsburg, in Little Bay, Fort Amsterdam is a historic fort of St. Maarten. The triangular colonial stone fort was built by the Dutch in 1631 as a defence for their colonial outpost, later occupied by the Spanish, while briefly changing hands many times between the Dutch Republic, England and France.

Besides its historic past, it is a breeding colony of brown pelicans, of up to 60 nests, on the west side of the point, on a slope below the fort. The brown pelicans and the stunning views over Philipsburg make it a perfect point for a small scenic hike over the weekend.

Stop at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort and ask for a cold Heineken 0.0 after your visit up the fort!

#TryJanuary Activity 13: The Flavor Academy

The Flavor Academy is a new concept food & beverage experience on St. Maarten. It’s part cooking school, part wine & spirit tasting room, and holds a wide variety of workshops that aim to help you sharpen your culinary skills, gain confidence in the kitchen and deepen your beverage knowledge. From home-cook, to passionate foodie, to kitchen amateur, Flavor Academy offers an array of cooking workshops to tickle your fancy.

Are you a local and looking to refine your cooking techniques or try new beverages? Inspired by world cuisines & drinks, different techniques, and varying levels of expertise, they offer workshops tailored to your every need. We are confident you’ll find something to entice you!

As part of Heineken 0.0’s Try January, mention this campaign, and The Flavor Academy will offer 5% off on your culinary activity of choice – offer valid until Feb 10.

Follow Divico Distributors on Facebook @DivicoCashCarry and on Instagram They will be posting an activity every day for the entire month of January with some cool promotional offers you don’t want to miss!

Don’t forget to tag them with #tryjanuarysxm with your cold Heineken 0.0 for a chance to be featured. Have fun!