Through Cam's Lens: Pet guy

“These girls stay on my channel, yeah

Must've seen me on TV, yeah

It took me six hours to count a mill' exactly

I'm accurate with that cheese, yeah (Big bag)”

Falling back into old habits and forgetting to have these articles written on time... Of course you wouldn’t know that, but once I go missing because Charlie kills me, it’ll all become known. (That was me letting you guys know where to look first if I went missing, lol.)

Apollo is my fish. My fighting fish (or Beta, whatever you prefer).

I got him merely for aesthetics on my desk at the studio, just as I got my plants for aesthetics as well. And I know it sounds like I’m getting these “live” things just to make my desk look pretty, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not taking care (or going to take care) of them.

First: Apparently tapping on the fishbowl can cause stress on the fish – or is it stress to the fish? Meh. So the next time anyone taps on my fishbowl in my presence, I’m going to growl at them like a bear – like a big bear. That being said, if you ever come to the studio, do not tap on Apollo’s bowl. Thanks.

Okay, second: This is my first pet. I’m still not a pet person, but this I was willing to tolerate, because it’s pretty easy to manage one fish. I asked a bunch of questions to make sure I wouldn’t kill it. I ask a lot of questions in general, don’t I?

The initial bowl I got was too small (his condo) so I ended up getting a bigger one (his mansion). It’s actually a vase for plants, but it serves the same purpose. Larry keeps telling me that he’s lonely and I should get him a female to kick it with. People also want me to add pebbles and stuff to pretty up the bowl.

Excuse me? Which one of allyuh going to help me maintain it? Lol. Why y’all trying to give me more work and triple the time of my water changing process?


Apollo is sick. He’s got a “thing” that causes his fins to clump together, making it harder for him to swim. He’s at the hospital now (he’s with Dominique).

Basically, it’s an issue with the water. Between not changing as often as he probably needed (I asked about this, but I guess with bowl sizes and water quantity, it differs) and water quality, he caught the SUDS. That’s what SpongeBob had, right?

I was talking to Fabienne yesterday during my pedicure (check out Fayani BeautySpace for bomb treatment and tell her I sent you so I can get discounts, lol) and she made me realize how dookie I am: I don’t drink GEBE water; I don’t water my plants with GEBE water; Why would I ever think that it was good enough for Apollo?

I’m not sure where my head was. I felt like I swapped a dime for a penny. You know that’s a stupid decision. Make it make sense, please. Moneybagg Yo! Yeah! Must have seen me on TV. Yeah! Yeaaaahhh!

Sorry for that outburst.

Anyway, we’re nursing him back to full health. Running him some baths with pure-pure water and hints of aquarium salts. Damn Apollo having spa days!

Paradise Pet Shop in Simpson Bay also has these really, really cool shark looking fish I want – for aesthetics. But let’s see how Apollo turns out first, then I’ll look into that.