Through Cam's Lens: new perspectives

“Don't forget to come and pick up your, ooh, feelings

Don’t leave no pieces (Oh, oh)

You need to hurry and pick up your, ooh-ooh, feelings

While I’m up cleaning”

A few weeks ago, I spoke with a life coach who really helped me put somethings into perspective. Did I mention this already? I’ve been a little lost with space and time of late, so my memory might be jumbling some things together. But if I did, oh well.

He put a status up on Facebook offering a free session to whoever wanted it and I was like “Me, me sir. Me.” So we linked up about two weeks after that and chopped it up. It was kind of like a therapy session, but I guess that makes sense because it’s, you know, life coaching.

He made me talk. A lot. A lot more than I’m accustomed to, but that was necessary for him to get a feel of where I’m coming from, where I am and where I’m going…or at least want to go. He then bombarded me with questions and subtle remarks, all in an attempt to get me thinking more.

It was good, though. It was a much needed venting session, and you know I love those. It’s really helpful to be able to put all your junk on a table and have someone who’s experienced in junk give you an indication of what’s valuable or not – AND to also help you to organize the valuable things.

What I got most from the session is the fact that I need to get off of my glutes. It’s not that I’m lazy or not working hard, but it’s more so the fact that I’m sitting back and allowing everything to come to me. That’s good. Because I’m in a position that things are constantly coming my way. However, it sucks in a way when I’m not doing all the things that I may want to do, because I’m swamped by all the things that I have to do – if that makes sense.

Needless to say, I have some new perspectives now and I’m ready to take them to the streets – Step up style; dance battle – anyone who wants it can get it. I got Chris Brown’s hair and no one can stop me. You’ve been served.

Killin’ em!

On Tuesday night, I had a long sit down with a friend of mine who’s in the music industry and she was giving me some insight as well. Sometimes, as artistes, we work SO HARD to reach to a certain place and then we get to that place and we can’t even enjoy it. It’s almost like we’re never satisfied. Or it’s like you worked so hard to get to point B, and now that you’re there, point C is in sight.

It’s hard to ever really just stop and enjoy. I think the expression is: “bask in the moment”. So that’s another thing I want to do this year – just enjoy how far I’ve come in my craft. I worked really hard to get to a place where I’m considered a top photographer here and it’s just like “Okay, whatever, I have a gig tonight. Let me get ready to go.”

Sometimes I look back at images I’ve taken, and I’m like: “MAN! This is so good.” And people tell me all the time how great my work is and how much emotion is jammed into my images, but I’m still here like, “O-K”.

So yeah meng.

This year (and for years to come), I want to focus on going out to get the type of work that I want to do and not just accepting whatever falls into these big quads (eh heh). I also want to try my best to enjoy where I am and enjoy my work.

Stop being so bleh.

*Yo, Siri, play Pick Up Your Feelings by Jazmine Sullivan*