Drink & Seek: St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Drink & Seek: St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Who says you need to be in Ireland to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day? Here on our vibrant island of St. Maarten, we seize any opportunity to go Out N About. So, dust off your green attire, channel your inner Irish spirit, and let’s embrace the festive vibes with an exciting twist – an adult leprechaun scavenger hunt!

Every great celebration calls for a fun drinking game, and this one is no exception. Gather your friends, and let the games begin! The rules are straightforward: as you embark on your quest, keep your eyes peeled for classic St. Patrick’s Day sights and sounds – yes even on St. Maarten. Each time you spot one of these iconic symbols, take a sip or a shot – no judgment, just pure fun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, party people!

Here are some prompts to get you started:


...when you spot someone sporting the colour green.

...when you spot someone rocking suspenders.

...when you spot anyone wearing a quirky hat.

...when you spot vibrant green hair catching your eye.

...when you spot someone enjoying a green beer or cocktail.

...when you spot a fellow party animal savouring a Guinness.

...when you spot a ginger-haired or bearded individual.

...when you discover or consume something green.

...when you encounter a genuine Irish native.

...when you meet someone claiming to be part Irish.

...when you witness someone trying – and failing – to drink like the Irish.

...when you catch sight of an Irish flag.

...when you belt out an Irish song (bonus points for enthusiasm).

...when you engage in an entire conversation using your best Irish accent.

...when you cross paths with a real-life leprechaun. (Note: This might also signal it’s time to call it a night!)

Of course, feel free to get creative and add more rules to the mix – the more, the merrier! The first person or team to complete the scavenger hunt and remain standing wins the ultimate prize. And for the unlucky ones who fall short, don’t worry. Losers simply buy the final round of drinks! Have fun and (try to) keep your eyes open at all times.

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