Celebrate dogs with Nestle Purina!

Celebrate dogs with Nestle Purina!

On Saturday, October 2, Nestle Purina, on behalf of Prime Distributors, will be hosting its first ever adoption drive + a day for dogs.

There are far too many dogs left walking the streets with nowhere to go, and it is our job as a community to help these helpless creatures.

Prime Distributors is very grateful to all the animal foundations that work tirelessly to provide these dogs with food and shelter – sometimes at their own cost. Nestle Purina and Prime Distributors are very committed to helping these dogs find their forever homes.

On Saturday, October 2, there will be different animal organizations and vets bringing a number of dogs (a lot of them are foster dogs or were found on the streets) to hopefully be adopted. These organisations will also be present to assist with the adoption process.

Aside from the adoption drive, Prime will also be hosting a day for your dogs to come out and play. There will be different agility activities, treats, swimming pools for the dogs to splash in, and many, more activities.

Different food vendors will be on hand to sell delicious food and snacks; and as Tito’s is the vodka for dog-people, a Tito’s bar will be selling customised “puptails” (cocktails).

Everyone is encouraged to come out on Saturday, October 2, and participate in this one-of-a-kind event! Invite a new furry member into your life. You never know, it may change your whole life!