Emilio's: Cigars, Spirits and a Museum

Emilio's: Cigars, Spirits and a Museum

This Friday, cigar aficionados will experience a cigar event like no other the island has ever seen. Emilio’s and DAS Cigars present an evening of cigars and spirits at Rainforest Adventures’ Museum, located in the former home of Emilio Wilson. Gianfranco, possibly the island’s best acoustic guitarist, will add to the evening’s ambiance.

Accompanying local cigar sommelier Andi Siegers is a skilled torcedor, who will demonstrate the age-old art of a hand rolled cigar. Founded in 2001, DAS Cigars is known for its high-quality cigars. Friday’s cigar menu will be a selection of nine cigars. As Siegers says, “Cigars are a passion for the owner, because they represent a celebration, a tradition, great memories and experiences.”

Accompanying the cigars will be a selection of fine spirits presented by Emilio’s mixologist/spirit sommelier Dazaepv Bazaez. “I will be offering 30-year-old rum from Costa Rica, 14-year aged Kentucky Bourbon and a very high level of single malts whiskeys from Scotland,” says Bazaez. “I am excited to be able to show off my expertise; cigars and spirits are a match made in heaven.”

Alex Raygoza of Rainforest Adventures comments, “We’re pleased to showcase our museum at classy events like this, we look forward to participating in Emilio’s future series of museum culinary events. There will be a strict rule for the smoking area. Cigar smoking will take place only on the museum’s veranda or other open air areas.”

Emilio’s Chef Sydney and owner Su Wathey produced a culinary addition to the evening’s event. “We came up with a menu offering something for everyone: Duck confit sliders with seared foie gras, lamb lollipops-mint dipping sauce, bacon wrapped scallops, to name a few.” Su Wathey adds, “If you’re going to have a classy evening such as this, the food offering must match the quality of the event!”

An exciting addition will be Mike Ferrier’s vintage cars. Ferrier will be displaying his Chevrolet 1957 Belair and his Mercury 1950. “When Andi and Norman asked if I would like to be part of the event, I was happy to be part of this unique event. I hope everyone takes lots of pictures because that is what I enjoy while showing off my vintage cars,” says Ferrier.

With trees, mountains and a museum, the setting is unlike anywhere else. “Thanks to Rainforest Adventures for being part of this. We love producing classy events like this, and the idea is to put this on once a month,” says owner Norman Wathey.