Through Cam's Lens: Doggie Dog

Through Cam's Lens: Doggie Dog

“You know, some of these niggas is so deceptive

Using my styles like a contraceptive

I hope you get burnt, seems you haven't learnt

It's the knick-knack, paddy-whack, I still got the biggest sack

So put your gun away, run away, 'cause I'm back”

My friend Claire likes – correction: loves – dogs; so anytime we’re driving and she spots a dog, she yells out, “A doggieeee!” I mock her most times; or I’d say, “A doggiee” and watch as she lights up and tries to find where it Something I’ve thought about before and we discussed recently was euthanasia. Also called mercy killing, it is the act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die; as by withholding medical measures from a person or animal suffering from an incurable – especially a painful – disease or condition.

Sometimes, you’re driving on the road and you see some dogs looking like they’re on their last leg – like they’re suffering way more than enjoying life. Seeing dogs eat out of the garbage is one thing, but seeing a female dog eating out of the garbage to get “nutrients” to give her pups milk is another thing. Trust me. I’m not a dog person; I’m not a pet person. I tried having a fish once and that was extremely short However, I am aware enough that I can see when something is wrong.

I know that dogs get those heartworm things and I thought that once they had it, that was it; but that’s not the case – apparently, they can be de-wormed. So when Claire and I were having the conversation about euthanasia, that’s the angle I approached it from. If most of these dogs have this incurable worm thingy, then putting them down might be the best option – like a mass euthanasia drive. I hope this isn’t coming off as insensitive. I was just looking at it from the angle of us clearly having a stray dog issue and me assuming they were all going to eventually just suffer, anyway.

After getting some knowledge on deworming, we started discussing mass euthanasia versus mass vaccinations. But the latter is apparently super expensive AND still leaves the issue of: “What do we do with all these dogs?” I’ve been to Holland and I’ve lived in the US, and I’ve never seen a stray dog…lol. I guess that’s the direct result of regulations and rules for pet owners.

Again I’m not a pet person, so the issue of stray dogs isn’t really something that “moves” me, but it’s obviously an issue. And it just seems like an issue that isn’t super hard to deal with (or at least start to deal with). We just seem to get caught up here on St. Maarten with all the things that benefit the “overhead” and not paying much attention to tending to the things (even the little things) that affect the people.

But hey! Lemme go lay down. I’m

*Yo, Siri, play Doggy Dogg World by Snoop Dogg*