Allichon Hippolyte @ Rainbow Café: Specialty Sips

Allichon Hippolyte @ Rainbow Café: Specialty Sips

In search of SXM’s hottest drink

Fellow drink-lovers, unite! Time to quench your thirst in another segment of an island-wide hunt for St. Maarten’s best drink!

The Friendly Island is sometimes also referred to as the “Little Miami of the Caribbean”, so it is high time to put those names to the test to discover where we can get both a friendly chat and a good drink. So, we took the crucial task upon ourselves to go out and about and sample the island’s specialty sips and then to report our findings back to all you thirsty people.

The best part? While we’re at it, we might as well ask the island’s talented bartenders, baristas, and smoothie specialists for their secret recipes so that you can try your hand at these special sips at home!

This week, our search for the island’s hottest drinks took us to Rainbow Café in Grand Case, where we met with bartender Allichon Hippolyte to talk about his passion for mixology, his bartending days in France, and the restaurant’s bestselling cocktails. And, of course, to try some of his delicious creations so that we can report our findings!

Rainbow Café is located right on the gorgeous Grand Case beach, offering majestic views of its crystal clear and calm waters and neighbouring island Anguilla. With its comfy lounge chairs, brand-new rooftop lounge, bohemian chic ambiance, great cocktails, live music and one of the best sunset views on the island, it is no wonder that Rainbow Café is one of the island’s most popular hotspots.

We visit the establishment on a sunny Tuesday afternoon around 1:00pm. Breakfast guests are just finished enjoying their fresh fruits, avocado toast, pancakes, or waffles – accompanied by Allichon’s espresso martinis or mimosas – in the restaurant’s trendy rooftop lounge before heading out to the beach for some fun in the sun.

Allichon, who moved to the island in November 2021 with a mission to add some Parisian flair to Rainbow’s extensive cocktail list, tells us that he has been bartending for over six years and has stood behind bars in the West Coast of France before heading to Paris to work in the elite Élysée Palace, where he learned more about mixology and the luxury spirits.

The charming bartender explains that he thoroughly enjoys the creative part of his craft: “I love the artistry; using ingredients on hand to make an unexpected twist to a well-known classic.” He explains that it is easier to impress people here than it is in Paris – “so it’s easy to show them something new.”

His secret to a great drink? A combination of creativity, balanced flavours and the best ingredients. “You have to be creative to be a good mixologist,” he explains. “Most drinks have already been made, so it is up to you to improvise and add an unexpected twist.” And, according to Allichon, good bartenders always make sure to taste their drinks to test the balance.

Now it was time to put that to the test! We started with the two most popular drinks on the bar’s menu. First up was the bar’s hottest mocktail: Le Spinelle. According to the drink menu, it is “a relaxing elixir, like morning dew” made with hibiscus flower tea, rose syrup and aloe-vera juice. Our verdict? We don’t know what morning dew tastes like, but if it’s a perfect combination of fresh, fruity and flowery, they did not lie!

The second drink was their bestselling cocktail on the rooftop, named the Ruby after it’s red colour. This one combines fresh strawberry puree, lemon juice, orange blossom syrup, and vodka and is topped with a ginger beer foam. And let’s just say we were not surprised by its popularity. The Ruby is perfectly balanced and beautifully presented – it’s truly one of those “I’ll have whatever they’re having” drinks.

Next up was the bartender’s very own specialty sips, as this creation stems from Allichon’s own imagination. It cannot be found on the menu, but he’ll be more than happy to make it for you! Just tell him who sent you.

This particular specialty drink was created for one of his colleagues. Allichon explained that the co-worker in question (also a bartender) loves daiquiris, so he decided to create a daiquiri-inspired clear bergamot cocktail for him. It’s fresh, perfectly balanced and on the stronger side, but without being overpowering. According to Allichon, it would be “a really cool drink to start a party with” – and we could not agree more.

Clear Bergamot Daiquiri

60ml classic rum – Allichon uses Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos

15 ml lemon juice – Allichon uses a special acid mix, but lemon juice will work for us amateurs

17.5ml bergamot liquor – Italcus liquor is new on the island and is perfect for this drink

10ml simple syrup

Lime twist or wedge for garnish

Big ice cube – optional


Add all ingredient into a mixing glass and stir, don’t shake. Pour into a glass with one big ice cube, garnish with lime and ENJOY!

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