Fun with Bubble Painting

Fun with Bubble Painting

This craft is easy and fun for kids of all ages, as they make colourful and unique creations! You can use the technique to make a regular painting, or partially cover with solid-coloured cardstock, with a cut out of your favourite shape.

*Adult supervision required; younger children should be supervised so they don’t get soap in their mouths through the straw.

You’ll need

* Plastic cups (one for each colour – 3 or 4 would be best)

* Straws (one for each cup)

* Paint (3 or 4 different colours)

* Dish washing liquid

* Water

* Cardstock (thick paper, cut into desired sizes)


* Add about 1 tablespoon of paint, 2 tablespoons dish washing liquid, and 2 tablespoons of water to each cup.

* Mix, using a straw, and start blowing bubbles until the bubbly mixture rises above the rim of the cup.

* Place the paper over the cup, and lift it back up (kind of like a stamp).

* Continue “stamping” the paper until it’s all full.

* Optional: Cut out large shapes into a solid-coloured piece of cardstock, which can be layered on top.

Project idea and picture by the Happy Go Lucky blog. Check out their website for lots of fun projects.