Desiree: Visiting the White and Yellow Cross

Hi! My name is Desiree Winkel – owner and founder of Fitness Coaching, which has been on Sint Maarten for 16 years and counting. Functional-, weight loss-, medical-, group- and personal-training are among the workout programs offered. We are currently doing our workout outdoors and on the beaches, but we also offer the option to train clients at their home.

As many of you know by now, I had to close my two units – one in Philipsburg and one in Simson Bay – because of Covid-19. The struggle is real for a lot of people here in Sint Maarten and all over the world. Something that sticks in my head even before this situation is a text I once read. “You have a problem? Yes. Can you do something about it? Yes. Then why worry? You have a problem? No. Then why worry?” If you think of it, there is a truth in there. But the reality is hard and we all need to try to stay as positive as we can.

While I was organizing my departure from my Simpson Bay Fitness Coaching studio, I had a hard time letting go of my famous white and red hydraulic machines – not only because they had somewhat contributed to my success, but also because I wanted to find a good “home” for them. A client of mine who works at White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation mentioned that the Foundation would probably be interested in my machines. It did not take long before she introduced me to Adeo Admiraal, a positively great gal, who you could tell had her head in a good place. I decided that my machines belonged to them and so we had a deal: They would take the machines and I would come along to introduce the machines to their patients.

Let me introduce you to what Adeo does at White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation.

Cesar Kinetics therapy at the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation is a relatively new therapy on Sint Maarten since September 2019. Adeo Admiraal is the pioneer behind this therapy on Sint Maarten and has added it to the paramedical team of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation as it focuses on pain prevention and specializes in treating posture and movement induced pain by concentrating on behavioural change.

A Cesar Kinetics therapist treats chronic and recurring pain. These pains are often caused by wrong posture, wrong movement patterns and asymmetrical muscular and skeletal strain. By changing daily habits and patterns, kinetics therapy uses behavioural changes to achieve and maintain a healthy level of physical fitness, thereby eliminating pain.

At the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation, Adeo Admiraal treats clients of the nursing home, the elderly care department, and the psychogeriatric day care. At all three departments, she sees clients individually and in groups where she is stimulating a healthy level of physical fitness, preventing complaints and diseases by doing exercises.

I had never been to this facility before and was happily surprised at the clean look of the buildings, the kind employees, and the enormous space. I thought the gym was wonderful – it’s the room where most people come together. As you can see from the pictures, Adeo and I had a great time explaining the machines to the residents of the facility.

Meeting everyone was an incredibly happy feeling for me. They were enthusiastic and extremely interested in the work of these machines. Knowing that these machines are now in the best place I could have imagined has made me the happiest person on the island. Thank you, White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation, for the wonderful work you do.

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