Twelve attend sailing Race Management Course

Twelve attend sailing  Race Management Course

SIMPSON BAY--Running sailboat races in compliance with the International Rules is not easy.

  St. Maarten resident International Judge, David de Vries, agreed to provide a course on race management.

  Twelve participants, many of whom have already been involved in race committee work, participated in four, 90-minute sessions over a four day period.

  There are many aspects to race management and the course covered optimal course design, decision making authorities on the race course, signals, start lines, radio communication, authorities on the race course, scoring, risks and dispute handling.

  Amongst the participants were the three ladies who have been operating the committee, or sometimes called signal, boat, for the past year and making the resurgence in racing possible. They are Corinne Draesner, Clenda Pecht and Carin Adelstein.

  “The greater level of knowledge is going to lead to better race management and possibly more recalls,”  explained Gloria Long the St. Maarten Yacht Club event manager.  “It may lead to the use of signals that are less common and our regular sailors are recommended to prepare themselves by also studying the flags and rules.”

  In other sailing news, part of the Yacht Club’s RS Fleet is now stored at Budget Marine.  The Club’s dock was recently damaged by a Mega Yacht.  Moving the RS Fleet has freed up remaining space of our dock to run the sailing school. Fortunately, the RS boats can easily be launched from Budget Marine so still can be used.