Sunset Beach’s Triple Mini Triathlon this Sunday, April 4

Sunset Beach’s Triple Mini  Triathlon this Sunday, April 4

Young triathlete Ryan Benjamin (8) training for Sunday’s Triple Mini Triathlon at Sunset Beach.

MAHO—Weekend warriors and adventurous beginners still have a chance on Saturday to sign up for Sunday’s popular Annual Sunset Beach Triple Mini Triathlon on Sunday, taking place at the Sunset Bar and Grill, Beacon Hill.

  This event consists of three short triathlons, with the first starting at 7:00am, the second at 8:00am and the third at 9:00am. So, the athlete has one hour to complete each one before starting the next race. It can take anywhere from 27 minutes to 50 minutes to complete one race.

  Race 1 at 7:00am is a 200-metre swim, 8.5K bike and 2K run; Race 2 at 8:00am is 2K run, followed by 200metre swim and 8.5K bike. Race 3 at 9:00am starts with 200-metre swim, 2Krun, and 8.5K bike.

  The winners have to have completed all three races, but many beginners choose this event to try out their very first triathlon and complete one race. Categories are Men, Women, Juniors, and Individuals only.

  “Almost everyone who signs up for just one race, ends up completing all three, as they are so much fun, and once you have a few minutes to recover, you are rearing to go for the next one,” Susan Piscione, member of organiser Friendly Island Triathlon Association (FITA) noted. “Our youngest triathletes Ryan Benjamin (8) and Mia Pigeon (10) have been training with coaches Krispijn Teunissen and Eline de Broere for their first Triple Mini Triathlon. So, this is a doable event for everyone, regardless of age.”

  The winners over the last few years have been Gregory Pigeon and Caroline Deplanque. Gregory's fastest times are between 24 and 25 minutes to complete one of the triathlons.

  Registration at Tri Sport in Simpson Bay or Marigot. Entry fee US$ 15 per person, US$10 for Juniors under 18 years. Breakfast included in entry fee.