Boxing Federation returns with Covid aware training

  Boxing Federation returns  with Covid  aware training

PHILIPSURG—Young boxers can be seen socially distant training on the Great Bay Promenade Monday to Wednesday evenings.  
  Members of the St. Maarten National Boxing Federation participated in an on-line course taught by Jose Laureano from Puerto Rico on how to return to training safely after Covid -19.  President of St. Maarten National Boxing Federation, Shawn Blair working with Coach  Saul Coffie and other members of the training staff new health measures were implemented and boxing has returned to St. Maarten.
  In August the National Boxing Federation arranged for an on-line referee judging seminar.   The 8-hour course was conducted August 15 and 16.
  “The referee judging teaches you as a coach what a referee should do during the fight and what judging is all about,” said Blair who has been a boxer, a trainer and a coach.  He continued, “you   learn what the judges look for so at the end of the fight you know more or less the outcome.”
  The judging seminar was led by Ray Silva,  president of USA Boxing and  is also the director of the referee judging for the international body.
  Boxing is open to children age 12 and up.  There are also sessions for adults.  Boxing is not just about throwing punches. It is about discipline, commitment,  physical and mental exercise.
  For more information call 588-7356 or stop by a training session.