1st Grand Prix Eunice Unique Bokit: A Spectacular Morning of Cycling

1st Grand Prix Eunice Unique Bokit: A Spectacular Morning of Cycling

 MARIGOT--Some memorable cycling action took place at the weekend on the Marigot waterfront at the very first Eunice Unique Bokit Grand Prix. Under the spotlight, the different categories, from U7 to U15, set the track alight with intense, thrilling races that kept the public enthralled throughout the morning. The event enjoyed unprecedented popularity, drawing a large crowd to support the island's young cycling talent. The atmosphere was electric, fuelled by a passionate host who created a festive and dynamic atmosphere.

Madame Eunice, the generous hostess of the event offered snacks and bokits to the participants, adding a warm touch to this day of fierce competition. The results by category were as follows: Boys U7 1. Thairry Souklaye Watte (VCSG). Girls U7 1. Vianey Souklaye (VCSG), Girls U9 (5K) 1. Blaydisha Carty (VCSG). Boys U9 (5K) 1. Kaiden George (VCSG), 2. Emmanuel Gonzalez (VCSG), 3. Krys Bouamirene (VCSG). Boys U15 (25K) 1. Edwards Le Kelan (VCSG), 2. Kimarry Simom Dor (VCSG), 3. Alfred Artsen (VCSG). Girls U15 (25K) 1. Rolandia Lake Rogers (ASCESM), 2. Aaziza Francillette (ASM), 3. Khacia Amacin (ASM). Boys U11 (10K) 1. Keithan Artsen (VCSG), 2. David Max Flamme (VCSG), 3. Eumael Fleming (VCSG). Girls U11 (10K) 1. Leonaelle Isaac Baly (VCSG), 2. Joneyah Duzanson (ASM), 3. Mindy Gallas (JCC). Girls U13 (15K) 1. Romeika Piper (ASM), 2. Avryame Sommeil (JCC) 3. Akeila Douared (VCSG).

Boys U13 (15K)1. Wilmy Guillamette (VCSG), 2. Erik Hodge (VCSG), 3. Clemenceau Gumbs (ASM). The event was made possible through the support of the Collectivite, St. Martin Cycling Committee, Velo Club de Sandy Ground (VCSG), Mad Design, Sound Masters, Tri Sport, Early Bird, Jeunesse Cycliste de Capesterre (JCC), RMC Cycles, Bibou, Expression Auto Ecole, and Ribs Shack. “This event, supported by a supportive community and dedicated sponsors, demonstrated the vitality and passion for cycling in St. Martin,” said President of the Territorial Cycling Committee, Eric Hélan. “Congratulations to all the participants, organisers and partners for an exceptional day that will remain engraved in the island's cycling memories.”

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