PM urges attention to elderly in transition to cashless society

PM urges attention to elderly in  transition to cashless society

Prime Minister Gaston Browne. Photo courtesy Caribbean National Weekly.


ST. JOHN’S, Antigua--Prime Minister (PM) Gaston Browne has emphasised, “The Caribbean is still a paper-based society and that the transition … has to be phased in [in – Ed.] such a way that you don’t make it too fast too soon.”

He reiterated the need for a gradual shift towards a digital economy in the Caribbean region.

Browne acknowledged, “You have people in the 70s and the 80s accustomed to use pen and paper,” highlighting the challenges posed by deeply ingrained habits.

He also noted specific instances, such as ticket sales for events like the West Indies Cricket World Cup, where physical tickets remain crucial due to societal preferences, stating, “You can’t just sell online, you have to have physical tickets to sell people.”

In discussions about digital currency initiatives like DCash with Governor Timothy Antoine, Browne emphasised the necessity of understanding cultural aspects before fully embracing digital solutions.

He cautioned, “The timelines that we originally set … we may not necessarily achieve those,” considering the existing societal norms and infrastructure.

Despite these challenges, Browne stressed the advantages of digital currencies, stating, “The technology is very simple, it’s just a matter of someone walking you through the process.”

He assured that a phased introduction of digital currency options would provide flexibility for individuals comfortable with both digital and traditional financial systems.

He urged a balanced strategy that integrates new technological advancements while respecting existing societal preferences and infrastructure challenges. ~ Antigua News Room ~

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