Minister vows to act after witnessing shocking conditions in care facilities

Minister vows to act after witnessing  shocking conditions in care facilities

Public Safety Minister Steadroy Cutie Benjamin. File photo courtesy Antigua Observer.


ST. JOHN’S, Antigua--Minister Steadroy Cutie Benjamin highlighted the urgent need for social legislation to address the deplorable conditions witnessed in healthcare facilities.

Minister Benjamin expressed deep concern over the inadequate care and living conditions experienced by vulnerable individuals, emphasising the importance of establishing minimum standards to ensure their well-being.

During the parliamentary session, Minister Benjamin shared a disheartening incident he personally encountered while visiting a home care facility.

He described the facility as having pervasive issues, including scattered personal care equipment (PCEs), individuals wearing soiled diapers for extended periods, and unsanitary food conditions attracting flies.

Outraged by these observations, Minister Benjamin pledged to take decisive action to rectify the situation.

Minister Benjamin confirmed that the Ministry of Legal Affairs is set to draft comprehensive legislation. This legislation aims to establish and enforce minimum standards for the upkeep and care of individuals residing in healthcare facilities across the nation.

Minister Benjamin underscored the importance of preventing financial exploitation of vulnerable individuals within these facilities.

He recounted an alarming incident where an individual, named Miss Williams Naomi, was taken advantage of, with her benefits signed away and her whereabouts unknown after being removed from a finance institute.

Determined to prevent such occurrences, Minister Benjamin announced plans to involve the government in cases where financial exploitation is suspected. He expressed the intent to enact laws that would safeguard individuals from being taken advantage of and ensure that funds allocated for their care are utilised appropriately.

As part of the initiative, Minister Benjamin introduced Miss Loron, who has been appointed as a Public Trustee.

He emphasised that the government would actively intervene to protect the rights and financial well-being of vulnerable individuals. The proposed legislation aims to empower authorities to take swift action in cases where individuals are at risk of financial exploitation.

Minister Steadroy Cutie Benjamin reiterated the government’s commitment to crafting legislation that addresses the needs of the poor and those requiring assistance.

By setting and enforcing minimum standards, the government aims to enhance the quality of care provided in healthcare facilities and put an end to the financial exploitation of vulnerable individuals. ~ Antigua News Room ~

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