Draft National Energy Policy open for public comment

      Draft National Energy Policy  open for public comment

Saint George’s town and bay in Grenada. Photo courtesy thrillist/Glaudio306/Shutterstock.

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada--The government of Grenada, through the Ministry of Climate Resilience, the Environment and Renewable Energy, is seeking feedback from the public and other interested parties on the Goals and Policies towards the update of the National Energy Policy (NEP).

The policy was presented to stakeholders through a special virtual meeting of the Sustainable Development Council on Friday, March 10.

The NEP is meant to guide Grenada’s energy sector in its transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy. The general policy objective is correlated with the overall National Sustainable Development Plan 2035 and the National Determined Contributions, which aim to promote sustainable development and allow Grenada to meet its emission reduction target, which is a 40% reduction of the 2010 emission levels by 2030.

The vision is to address the constraints and issues affecting the development of the energy sector, by increasing the share of modern renewable energy consumed in Grenada and providing more affordable access to electricity for all Grenadians, thus contributing to a sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

The draft policy can be accessed on the government of Grenada website. Comments may also be sent to the Energy Division:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is part of a multistage process. The government of Grenada will update the NEP with assistance from the World Bank. The deadline for submission of comments at this stage of the process is Friday, April 21. ~ NOW Grenada ~

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