Worried son

Dear Queenie,

  Our son will graduate from college in another country this year. We are planning to go to the graduation if we are allowed to travel to that place, but my mother wants to come with us and we don’t think that’s a good idea. She is not very healthy and constantly complains about her health problems. Also, she can’t walk very well and sometimes she falls down.

  Queenie, how can we keep her from going?—Worried son

Dear Son,

  If all the travel restrictions are still in place when you plan to travel, it may not be  legally possible for you and your mother to travel, never mind her health problems.

  Tell her you are worried about her health and safety if she tries to travel and offer to videotape the graduation ceremony for her. You may even be able to send it to her live, or the college may arrange to have it broadcast (live or recorded), so she can watch it from home.