Worried Mother

Dear Queenie,

My first husband and I have a daughter who is now in primary school. We got divorced when she was less than a year old and he moved to another island. Since then he has had no contact with either of us.

I got married a couple of years ago and he has been a good father to her, and now we have a baby boy. My daughter loves her stepfather and her little brother, but she is curious about her own father and sometimes she asks me about him.

Queenie, I don’t want to tell her that her father just isn’t interested in her, but what should I tell her?—Worried Mother

Dear Mother,

Just tell her that her father is very busy and probably too busy to have any time for her, and remind her that she has a loving (step)father.

When she gets older, she probably will be able to use a computer to find her biological father on the Internet and if she does, I hope she is not disappointed by what she learns about him.

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