Worried groom-to-be

Dear Queenie,
My fiancée’s brother doesn’t like me. I have tried to be nice to him and we even made him part of our wedding party to try to get along with him, but he still is rude to me and even threatens not to let his parents see his children, their grandchildren, if anyone doesn’t do whatever it is he wants at the moment.
We would rather not have him at our wedding at all, but that probably would just make things worse.
Queenie, is there any way we can keep him from doing something to spoil the occasion?—Worried groom-to-be

Dear Groom-to-be,
Arrange for a few friends who will be at your wedding – or even hire someone, a security guard, perhaps – to keep an eye on your fiancée’s brother at the wedding and quietly escort him out if he starts to do anything that might spoil the occasion.
Meanwhile, a professional counsellor might be able to help you understand why he behaves the way he does and how best to deal with his behaviour. I suspect your brother-in-law-to-be would also benefit from professional counselling if anyone can persuade him to go for it.

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