Worried grandparents

Dear Queenie,

  My daughter and her husband are very strict with their oldest son. They scold him and punish him for a lot of little things. They do not treat the younger children this way.

  We are worried that as he gets older he will fight back or get into habits that could be very bad for him. We tried to talk to his parents about all this, but they just told us to mind our own business.

  Queenie, is there anything else we can do?—Worried grandparents

Dear Grandparents,

  You can arrange to have the boy stay with you as much as possible, to give him and his parents a break from each other and while he is with you to set for him an example of good parenting. Let him know he can come to you whenever he needs to talk to someone, and suggest that he also might want to speak to his school counsellor.

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