Worn out daughter

Dear Queenie,
My mother is getting old and needs someone to look after her all the time. I have been doing it all by myself because none of my brothers and sisters ever offer to help, even though they all live close by.
Queenie, don’t they care what happens to her, or to me?—Worn out daughter

Dear Daughter,
Have you talked to your brothers and sisters about this? Have you explained to them just how much care your mother needs and asked them to help out? They are not mind-readers, you know.
Tell them what you have to do for your mother and ask them to help you. If necessary, make up a schedule for them, with a description of what they will have to do for your mother on “their” days. And if they still do not “step up to the plate”, look into whatever kind of elder-care services are available in your community.
It will not do your mother any good if you wear yourself out to the point where you are not able to give her the care she needs.

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