Sad son

Dear Queenie,

  My mother is getting senile and doesn’t recognise us, her family, or old friends when they visit her, but even if she doesn’t remember who we are she enjoys visiting with us.

  A lot of her friends have stopped coming to visit because she doesn’t recognise them. I have tried to explain that she still enjoys visiting with them, but they say they can’t bear to see her this way.

  Queenie, what more can I do? Maybe it will help if you tell them.—Sad son


Dear Son,

  Thank you for your confidence in my influence.

  To all my readers: It only takes a little while to visit someone like this man’s mother, or anyone in an old age home or a nursing facility, but it means ever so much to the one you are visiting and can make a big difference for the better in their life. Consider it your good deed for the day.