Pudgy hubby

Dear Queenie,

  I’m a little bit overweight, maybe about 10 or 15 pounds, but my wife acts like it was about 50 and is always after me to lose more. She says I would lose the weight if I respected her. I did lose some of the fat, but gained it back again because I eat too much when I get upset.

  I went for counselling like you always advise, and it helped a little, but she wouldn’t go with me.

  Queenie, what more can I do?—Pudgy hubby

Dear Hubby,

  Ask your counsellor that question. I suspect he (or she) will tell you it is time to decide whether you want to stay married to this woman, who sounds like a verbal abuser, and maybe the possibility of losing you will shock your wife into getting some counselling for herself and changing her attitude and behaviour.

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