Offended neighbour

Dear Queenie,

  The elderly man who lives next door to me has a habit of sunbathing nude in his backyard. His wife died recently and he didn’t ever do this while she was alive so I guess she wouldn’t let him, but now that she is gone there is no one to stop him from doing it. I guess he thinks nobody can see him (and I wish I couldn’t) or maybe he’s getting senile and needs someone to look after him,

  Queenie, should I try to do something about it or just not look?—Offended neighbour

Dear Neighbour,

  You could put an anonymous note in your neighbour’s mailbox, but if your house is the only one from which he can be seen sunbathing, he will know it comes from you.

  If he has any relatives you know you could mention it to them and suggest they take action before he gets in legal trouble or, if this is a symptom of dementia, before his condition gets worse. If you do not know any relatives of his, you could mention it to an appropriate community organisation like the Red Cross, or in St. Maarten the White Yellow Cross Care Foundation for them to look into the matter.

  Meanwhile, put curtains or a shade over the window(s) from which you can see him and just do not look toward his yard.