Not rich

Dear Queenie,

Dear Queenie,  My husband’s sister planned a grand expensive party for their mother’s 80th birthday without discussing it with him, and just told him how much he owed her for his share of the cost.  It was much more than my husband could afford and he told her so. He offered her what he could afford, which she took.  We went to the party and everyone had a great time, and there was no more talk about money. But now she keeps saying how much more he owes her and asking when he is going to pay the rest. 

Queenie, is this right?—Not rich 


Dear Not rich, 

Your sister-in-law should have discussed her plans with her brother before she spent a lot of money on the party. However, what is done is done.  Perhaps, for the sake of peace in the family, your husband could arrange to pay her at least some of what she says he owes her, as much as he can afford, maybe bit by bit on an “instalment plan”.