Lonely wife

Dear Queenie,

  My husband works a job that starts in the afternoon and he gets home from work about an hour before I go to bed. When he finally goes to bed he sleeps until it is almost time for him to get ready to go to work. Meanwhile, I am awake and have lots to do during the day, but not at night.

  Queenie, I miss spending more time with my husband. What can I do?—Lonely wife


Dear Wife,

  Can any of your daytime activities (housekeeping, for example) take place at night when your husband can share them with you? Can you re-schedule your sleep habits to match your husband’s more closely?

  If not, you will have to decide whether you want to continue under the present circumstances, and if not, what you want to do about it.

  Professional counselling might help you make those decisions, and if you can get your husband to go with you for it (and if he is able to go, given his work schedule) so much the better.