In-law Etty Ket

Dear Queenie,
My daughter got married a couple of years ago. I met her husband’s family at the wedding and the families got along just fine.
Her husband’s mother had died some years ago and his father came alone. I also was alone, as my husband (my daughter’s father) also had died some years ago. We really like each other, but my son-in-law says we can’t get involved with each other as more than in-laws.
Queenie, is he right? Would it be wrong for us get together romantically?—In-law Etty Ket

Dear Etty Ket,
There is nothing illegal or immoral about such a romance. However, be very careful. Think how complicated it would be, not only for you but for both of your children, if such a relationship were to not work out.
If you would be able to handle such an outcome without disruption for your children’s lives, I see no objection.

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