Fed-up husband

 Dear Queenie,

My wife and I have been married for more than 20 years and our only problem is her mother. She calls my wife every Sunday to talk to her for a couple of hours.

I want us to have the weekends alone together, maybe sometimes take a trip somewhere, but there has to be this phone call from her mother, even if we go away. I even got a job where I work on Sunday so I would have something to do when they are busy with each other, but her mother started calling during the week too.

And now my father-in-law is dying from cancer, so her mother has serious problems and calls more often and talks even longer.

Queenie, do you have any suggestions?—Fed-up husband

Dear Husband,

Try to be kind and considerate to your mother-in-law during this difficult time she is going through. You could phone or even visit her, and maybe run an errand or two and/or stay with your father-in-law for a while to give her a break. But your wife has chosen not to put a limit on her phone calls, and that is not likely to change, especially now.

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