Fed-up hostess

Dear Queenie,

  When I send out invitations for a special event most of the people don’t bother to let me know if they are going to attend, even if I include an RSVP card or my phone number so they can call me. I never know how many people to provide for. Sometimes there is a lot of food left over that just goes to waste, but if I don’t provide enough for everyone I invited, there might not be enough for everyone who comes.

  Queenie, why don’t people have the courtesy to reply to an invitation?—Fed-up hostess

Dear Hostess,

  Of course people should have the courtesy to reply to an invitation, especially when there is an RSVP card or request included. At the very least they should e-mail you, so be sure to include an e-mail address in the invitation.

  All you can do is phone the ones who do not and ask them whether they will attend. And you have my permission to call them collect if it is a toll call.