Dear Queenie,

  I fell in love with a man I dated for a while a year or so ago and he said he loved me too, but after a while we stopped seeing each other and he started dating another girl, someone I know, and we are all good friends. I am quite jealous of her and I think he knows it.

  Queenie, should I ask him if there is any chance of us getting back together again?—Ex-girlfriend

Dear Ex-girlfriend,

  Not unless you are absolutely certain that he wants the same thing, or you probably will be disappointed. Also, it is not appropriate to try to get him to break up with the girl he is dating now. How would you feel if the situation were reversed and she tried to do that to you?

  If this man wanted to get back together with you he would find a way to let you know. Spend less time with him (and his present girlfriend) to give yourself a chance to get over him and find someone else.