Concerned mother

Dear Queenie,

  My teenage son plays on a sports team at his school and me and my husband, who is a great stepfather, go every time to watch him play. My son told me he would like it if his father (my ex-husband) would come to see him play too so I sent my ex a schedule of when he would be playing and told him his son would like it if he showed up once in a while, but up to now he hasn’t. I even called him on a game day to remind him, but he still didn’t come.

  My husband says if my ex was a good father he would show up without being reminded and I should just leave him alone.

  Queenie, is my husband right?—Concerned mother

Dear Mother,

  Your ex may have business or other matters that conflict with his son’s sports schedule. You have done all you can by sending him the schedules and letting him know he is welcome to show up. And your son is old enough to call his father himself and invite him to attend. It is up to your ex whether or not he does so.