Disgusted aunt

Dear Queenie,

  My brother has a grown-up son about 25 years old who is still going to college and my brother is supporting him and paying his tuition. My nephew failed some of his courses so he took a break and moved back in with his parents but he doesn’t even have a part-time job to help support himself, and he is planning to go back to school as soon as he can and go on having his parents pay for it.

  Queenie, when is it time for parents to make their offspring stand on their own 2 feet?—Disgusted aunt

Dear Aunt,

  Someone in his mid-20s should be at least helping to support himself and his parents should be encouraging him to become independent. After all, what would he and they do if something should happen to end your nephew’s free ride?

  However, this is a private matter between them, so all you can do is suggest to your brother – gently, politely! – that the best thing he can do for his son is teach him to be self-sufficient.