Dear Queenie,

  When a good friend since high school recently told me that her husband was cheating on her and asked me for advice, I told her I have been in love with her since high school and she replied that she has been in love with me too.

  Now she is getting a divorce from her husband because of his cheating and once the divorce is final we plan to move in together. However, another friend of ours says we are committing adultery because she is breaking up her marriage to be with me.

  Queenie, is that true? We haven’t had sex or done anything more than make plans for after the divorce is final.—Confused

Dear Confused,

  According to the dictionary definition of “adultery”, you have not committed it.

  If your friend has been in love with you all this time she could not have had a very good marriage and her husband’s cheating was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.