Can’t stand it, especially when we’re eating!

Dear Queenie,
I volunteer with a local organization that meets after work several days a week and lots of times some of us go out for supper together. The problem is a person who joined us recently. We like them and enjoy talking to them, but they have bad breath, I mean really awful. At first we thought they had just eaten something that caused the bad breath, but it’s always the same so that can’t be it.
Queenie, should we write them an unsigned note and slip it into their bag when they’re not looking, or what else could we do?—Can’t stand it, especially when we’re eating!

Dear Can’t stand it,
Do not leave this person an unsigned note. They will just worry about who wrote it. Carry breath mints with you, take one yourself and offer them to everyone.
It is possible that this person has some kind of medical or dental problem that is causing the bad breath. Having the mints and some water handy all the time should help. If it does not, you would be doing this person a favour if you spoke to them privately and explained the problem.

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