Annoyed wife

Dear Queenie,

  I always give my husband a gift on his birthday and make him a special meal with birthday cake for dessert, but he never does anything for me on my birthday. If I say anything to him about it he says he just forgot the date.

  Queenie, is it silly of me to feel hurt that he can’t remember my birthday?—Annoyed wife

Dear Wife,

  It is not silly, but you can help him to do better. A few weeks before your birthday, start mentioning to him that it is coming up and reminding him of the exact date. You could also mention something you might like to get as a birthday gift.

  Then, on the day of your birthday, instead of cooking and serving dinner at home, take him out to a nice restaurant. If you make a reservation for the event, be sure to tell the person taking the reservation that it is your birthday, so they can make whatever special arrangements are customary at that restaurant. And when the bill comes, hand it to him and thank him for the nice celebration of your birthday.