Angry husband

Dear Queenie,

  I’ve been married for almost 50 years and my wife and I are friends with another couple who got married about the same time we did. We even celebrate our anniversaries together.

  My wife told me recently that that other man tried to hit on her. Of course she turned him down, but she said he kept trying.

  I faced him down and told him he disrespected my wife and his wife too. He didn’t deny what he did, but he didn’t say anything about not doing it again. I can’t blame him very much because of what his wife has gotten to be like, but for me our friendship is over. However, my wife is still friends with both of them.

  Queenie, what do you say to all this?—Angry husband

Dear Husband,

  No matter what his wife is like, a man has no right to “hit on” another woman, especially the wife of someone who is supposed to be his friend. However, considering how old he must be (married for almost 50 years), he could be starting to suffer from dementia, which can include changes in behaviour and personality. You might want to suggest to his wife that she take him to his doctor for a complete check-up – and she should be sure to mention his changes in behaviour.

  As long as your wife has no “romantic” interest in him, I guess it is okay for her (and you, if you want to) to still be friends with his wife.