Wow! A parliamentarian has been suspended

Dear Editor,

  Wow! Oh my God, a parliamentarian been suspended. Who’s next? The public is asking who’s next? Although the St. Maarten people do not protest as they should.

  (I quote) “St. Maarten people are monitoring their parliamentarians, Ministers, justice workers and civil servants 24/7 and are very accurate in doing so.”

  Many times l said the minister for health should not have the labor portfolio. You all do not listen. Now see how hard a time Honourable Omar Ottley is going through.

  (I quote) “There's a great need for nine ministers to better serve the people.”

  Justice workers often blame parliamentarians and ministers for laws not in place and the function book should be properly monitored.

  We are begging the ombudsman to keep up their good works. They have been doing very excellent because the people are suffering silently.

  The two parliamentarians (from US Party) went independent – left the party without a seat in Parliament.

  Will the next seat in Parliament belong to US Party? We want to know.

  Or can the 16th seat go to any party within those parties that form the majority in Parliament after the calculation of the votes?

  Will USP party be dead and resurrected after both of their parliamentarians went independent with their seats?

  St. Maarten people be wise: take your vaccine. The vaccine – it works. Help put the world into good health.

Cuthbert Bannis