Community swimming pool

Dear Editor,

  Over the years too often I have heard what I consider “those dreadful words”: “It’s a good idea, but I can’t bring that up now.” Coming from whom? Yes, from politicians and people in government.

  Not too long ago I was on my way to Marigot when I saw a relative of mine standing at a bus stop. I stopped for her and had her sit in the back seat, which started a conversation about COVID. She had an appointment with the physiotherapist, whose office was by the swimming pool. When she mentioned the swimming pool it dawned on me that I had heard that there were some young ladies from St. Maarten taking part in international swimming competitions and that they were doing well.

  Coincidentally a few weeks before that I had passed through Belvedere and saw children playing football. There is also a basketball/tennis court there and I thought all they need now is a swimming pool.

  I had not read anything about those young ladies in the papers, but just the words “swimming pool” made me put on my thinking cap. I said to myself, if in almost every town in Holland there is a swimming pool, how is it that no one thought of putting a community swimming pool in Belvedere?

  When I asked, I was told that there is money available for different community projects and developments, but none of our governments have had any interest in doing anything that will directly be of positive influence on the people in the communities. I have no proof of that, but can I impose on encourage your investigative reporters to find out if there is money available for a community swimming pool and continue to possibly find out what is the reason for the delay?

  I also think that an interview with those young ladies who attended the swimming competition is not too late and it could also be an exposure and/or catalyst for many others.

Russell A. Simmons