The Kidnapping of children for centuries

Dear Editor,

  As an anthropologist, historian, and political analyst, I want to commend Sir Alex Rosario for his article entitled “How a charity almost got away with kidnapping 103 African children” (Daily Herald, April 28, 2021).

  Now, not only the story (the act) was evil. But it also portrays a nasty and as we say here in these Islands, a dirty act. All through the centuries past Europeans were known for stealing other peoples’ children. It is not from this day and age. The practice did not start on the island of Haiti.

  For us Black People in these Caribbean Islands, it all started 500 years back with the Atlantic slave trade – bringing men, women and children to the Americas. Historical photo-records show the thousands of “Black Children” that arrived in Europe, North America, the Caribbean to serve the various purposes of kings and queens, white slave-masters, plantation-owners, bankers, business people, etc.

  For us here in these Caribbean Islands, some of our very first black ancestors came as young children that occupied and worked “hard-labour” in order to feed the evil institution of slavery. The “wicked” act of stealing other cultures, other “peoples’”, other “nations’” children is a inné European behaviour. It cannot be erased from their genes. It cannot be erased from their DNA. It cannot be erased from their psyche nor their “mind of thought”.

  Thiefing peoples’ children is one of their “evil” attributes committed upon the very first inhabitants of Canada and American, the Native Indians. The Europeans did the same in South America with the advent of Alvares Cabral and his crew accompanied by their Catholic god to Brésil in 1500. They uprooted, destroyed and killed Amerindians and took away thousands of their children to Spain, to be the “playing-objects”, amusements and abuse of all manner to people of importance (aristocrats, nobles) in those bygone societies.

  Likewise and when the white European colonizers arrived in Australia, they too accompanied by their religious institutions brought hurt, shame and destruction to the very first inhabitants of the vast continent, the Aborigines’ families, as the colonizers ripped away children from their mothers’ arms.

  Today and in our day and age, can we ever fathom the emotional, physical and mental pain and abuse the children suffered from the hands of cruel white colonizers and their religious accomplices.

  The thiefing of other nations’ children by the ancestors of present-day Europeans in Africa, Asia (l’isle de la Réunion), in the Americas is not of today nor is the nasty practice of paedophilia.

  Who adult in his right mind would want to have sex with a child?

  What manner of human being would open a “Café” in order to sexually-traffick childen into such an evil?!

  In the third edition (Tome III) of my book Le Dictionnaire des Bons et Mauvais Amours (or Good and Bad Sexual Affairs) there is a Chapter entitled “Amour Pédo-Criminalité” where I bring to the readers’ attention that “nous avons tous un travail à faire et une grande responsabilité. A savoir, ne jamais cesser de dénoncer ce <mal>.”

  Child abuse, child-sex-trade, and child prostitution is my business, your business, everybody’s business.

  Paedophile organizations are criminal organizations!

Beverly Richardson

The author of many books.