Staying silent implies approval!

Dear Editor,

This article discusses the mindset of the electorate and political parties in St. Maarten.

The truth is that the people of St. Maarten are getting the political candidates they deserve, even though they may pretend otherwise. Accepting and staying silent about the situation implies approval. Let's take a look at the reality of the political landscape in St. Maarten.

In truth, there is no clear ideology. Instead, the political scene is dominated by a few families and individuals with questionable intentions who seek power at any cost, even if it means harming St. Maarten. Many of the individuals who present themselves as candidates are the last people who should be in positions of power.

Most voters in St. Maarten sense that something is wrong, but they are afraid to confront the truth. Every political party hosts people who lack moral values, and this reflects the current societal attitudes.

The prevalent spirit is one of division, destruction, confusion, and deception. Older generations are becoming irrelevant, while those aged 55 and younger are poised to bring about negative changes.

Without a sound understanding of what is good, people tend to gravitate towards what is bad by nature. Political parties are stoking racism, pitting the rich against the poor, black against white, and promoting immoral behaviour in the guise of acceptability. This is destructive, and we must question why this is happening.

There is a pattern of creating problems only to present oneself as the solution. However, this strategy is flawed since the problems cannot be effectively resolved.

St. Maarten has been granted more autonomy since 2010, but the situation has only worsened during this period.

The question arising from this analysis is often: "Why don't you provide us with solutions to these problems?" The response is simple: we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask whether we truly desire a change for the better.

Genuine desire for positive change demands both physical and spiritual action, including challenging wrongdoing and evil. Unfortunately, this is not the course of action we tend to take.

Instead, we passively participate in the electoral process without holding corrupt politicians accountable. This only emboldens more people with nefarious intentions to put themselves forward as candidates.

In conclusion, if people continue to support this charade, they are essentially endorsing poverty and misery.

The Patriot Miguel Arrindell

The Daily Herald

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